A New Life

I came from the garden with three dahlia blooms. On the way I picked up from the ground two broken maple branches. It will take me just a few minutes to put them in a vase. Which vase? I chose an old Japanese raku pot with grey , brown and dark rust marks from burnt wood. It’s earthy and perfect in its simplicity. I feel the energy of a potter in my palms. Branches go in first. With my sharp scissors-hasami I trim each branch cutting off broken leavesĀ  and leaves which hide the beautiful line of the branch. My bright red coccinea dahlias with white stamens are looking at me. They’re not confident anymore since I took them away from their bush. “You will be princesses in my Ikebana”, I reassure them. I pick them up one by one and cut the ends of their stems under the water. It will prolong their lives. I insert first flower on the right towards my right shoulder. Second flower at the edge of the pot close to the centre. It will draw the eye instantly- my focal point. My third dahlia goes behind the focal point. All three form an asymmetrical triangle. There is movement in the triangle. Green mass of maple leaves, red colour dahlias and graceful lines of the branches give joy to my heart. I gave my flowers a new life. I made Ikebana. Smell of a burning pot comes from the kitchen. Few minutes became an hour. I burnt another pot again.