To Be Rejected

How does it feel to be rejected professionally? I definitely know. I’ve been rejected three times. Three times for the same aspiration. It hurts. It’s humiliating. You have to reassess, find new ground, justify yourself with stubborn persuasion and push yourself to move on.

It’s like trying to reach something from a high shelf. You’re certain you’re tall enough to get there, and you stretch and nearly reach it, but someone snatches it from behind. You lose your balance and fall on your back. You might hear someone laughing. It’s beyond your control. It’s all about “the right place at the right time.” I’ve never been “at the right place” and never “at the right time, never ever…

Do I feel sorry for myself? Yes. Do I think it’s unfair? Sure. Will I keep going in my pursuit? The path guides me along, I’m an artist, it’s unstoppable. Will I ever be appreciated? Maybe, maybe not.